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Adults: Mon/ Wed at 7;45pm, Tues/ Thur at 6:00pm, or Tues/ Thur at 9:30am.

Kids (6-10): Tues or Thurs at 4:00 or Sat at 9am. 

Juniors (10-13): Tues or Thur 5:00 or Sat at 9am.

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Step 3: Show up 15 min early.

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General Info/ FAQ's

Walk in the door

The hardest part for many people with the ambition of learning self-defense is making the commitment  to show up and take the first class. Walk in the door. This is the true first step.  "If a black belt were easy everyone would have one".

Instructors & Students

At Warrior Elite we believe in and respect the importance and value of the instructor and student relationship. At some point during your training we will push you to be uncomfortable. We realize to diverse populations  this means different things. Our job is to safely and effectively bring out the best in you.

We like to speak in person.

Parents and new students, the web site contains basic information. If you have unique circumstances please contact us through the home page . We would prefer, however, to get to know you in person. Please feel free to come by during class to ask further questions before your first trial class or early the day of.

Safety in training

But, train hard. Check your ego at the door, and come to training with an attitude ready to learn and contribute. We want training to be as realistic as possible, yet within safe limits. Please listen to all instructor directions and communicate with your partner.

About your first class

Preferable long pants with no zippers or metal buttons, (sweats, track pants, etc., ok). Men will need a cup, but not necessary for first trial class. Women groin protection optional. Mouth piece optional. Bring a water bottle, but you should not need to break during class unless necessary.

Gym environment

We have a very inclusive and family  oriented environment at Warrior Elite. In many ways this is a natural process of bonding through training. At Warrior Elite you will recognize this is a core philosophy that reflects throughout the IKMF family.

Rancho Bernardo

Warrior Elite Krav Maga

16740 W Bernardo Dr, San Diego, California 92127, United States

(858) 231-6215